To bet in a crypto casino: yes or no?

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Betting is a very profitable occupation, but it’s important to know where to gamble on. Since the era of new technologies came into any field, a huge row of crypto gambling houses appeared. As the topic is highly discussed, but unknown, it doesn’t hurt to puzzle out here.

The meaning of crypto casino

Crypto casino is an online agency, specialized in gambling or other hazardous games. The  difference between it and an ordinary casino is stated in the means of payment: here the cryptocurrency is the main and the only way to pay. 

Before betting on such platforms it is obligatory to know whether it’s license, otherwise the risk of falling into a trap is enormously high.

Common types of crypto casinos

Mixed ones

It’s about traditional gambling sites that have recently started accepting various digital currencies as a payment once along with all ordinary money.

Exclusive ones

It’s the gambling sites that accept digital deposits. Other currencies are prohibited. As a rule, exclusive casinos offer valuable odds and promotions, which are much higher than in hybrid ones. 

Crypto casino: functional system

Here the software is the center of the whole system. The most popular ones with a large auditory have their own gaming software developed independently. The other platforms use purchased or leased versions that can be customized by adding some unique features to gambling.

The software controls and launches the process with minimal human intervention. Due to the digital nature of the field, crypto casinos are forced to uphold a protection system aimed to demonstrate the transparency of all transactions, thus most of them reveal how their software algorithms work. 

Bettors can place a stake the same way as it’s demanded to do in any other bookmaking agency.

Tips on how to choose a reliable crypto casino

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Let’s look through the key factors to mention while selecting such a place:

  • License and regulation.

First of all, make sure the casino is licensed and regulated, in other words, registration with personal data and verification of accounts are obligatory. In this case, anonymity is lost, but security is fully guaranteed.  

  • Good reputation.

When the gambling house has proven its reliability and gained a good reputation, bettors don’t take risks. 

  • External Auditors.

The most well-known casinos are audited by other companies in order to ensure their honesty and integrity to the users. 

  • Huge betting variety.

Surely, a good row of bets is important. If the platform offers a limited number of stakes with few odds, most bettors will ignore it.

  • Mobile-friendly approach.

Mobile devices are very convenient in use, thus many people place bets with their help. 

Pros and cons of betting in crypto casinos

As anything, betting in a crypto casino has its strengths and weaknesses. 

Among advantages:

  • Quick registration;
  • High level of anonymity;
  • Maximum transaction’s protection. All bettor’s transactions are absolutely protected by sufficient technology;
  • There is no ]fee for large transactions;
  • Really low minimum deposit;
  • There is no need to register on exclusive crypto platforms (only name or email address);
  • Decentralization. The owner of the crypto controls money without gubernamental influence; 
  • There are no taxes;
  • The best encryption protection, thus no additional software must be required.

Among disadvantages:

  • Unpredictability. Digital currencies’ value increases and decreases daily, in particular, due to a decrease or an increase in demand for it.
  • Constant development. All the cryptocurrencies are experimental, but the pro is that they continue to grow, making it easier to obtain them for most people;
  • Coding errors are possible. Mistakes are appropriate everywhere, but since they haven’t been noticed yet. Some failures may occur in the future and no one knows how to fix it;
  • Digital money can’t be tracked. Of course, it’s a plus for bettors, but governments have already begun to think about how to control and tax such finance. 
  • Significant mistrust. Millions of people around the world still know nothing about cryptocurrencies, thus they are afraid of their use. 

Betting bonuses appropriate for crypto casinos

Crypto gambling houses are also known for their bonuses. For example, there are the main ones:

  • Deposit and game bonuses are offered, whether it’s a bonus that encourages people to register, or regular bonuses for bettors. But it is very important to remember that not all bonuses are equal.
  • The two main categories of bonuses are deposit matches and no-deposit bonuses. The first and most common crypto bonus is a traditional deposit match, where a bettor is rewarded with a certain bonus calculated from the deposit. Some of them may even offer a full package of greetings.

The second and least common bitcoin bonus is the no-deposit bonus. In this case, a bettor gets a small sum of “free money” just by registering. Then it  can be used in placing bets.

  • Another common type of bonus offered by regular and bitcoin casinos is free spins, and they can be part of a welcome package, They can be received while making a deposit or even without it.


Crossing the bottom line: betting in crypto casinos

Indeed, crypto casino is a unique phenomenon of our time. It’s not just a fashion craze, the future is definitely connected with such technologies. Here everyone can find what he or she likes. From common sports bets (on football, hockey or boxing) to stakes on political elections. Betting in crypto casinos is profitable and safe, there are many benefits to crypto gambling. The high level of anonymity and enormous encryption safety let bettors play with peace of mind. The extensive bonus system is a particularly pleasant surprise too. For sure, crypto casino has its drawbacks, first of all, you need to carefully choose such a platform, because unlicensed agencies can pick you clean. Do remember that such personal data as passport details  can’t be required in any case. So think, analyze, bet and enjoy the result.